Posted by: simplyelizabeth | June 9, 2009

Change is Gonna Come, Clearly

When I first moved here 11 years ago, I was in love with the preacher at my church.  He was, and still is, wonderful!  I wasn’t in love with him like I want to marry him in love, but in love with his love for the Word of God.  I remember many things about his sermons.  I could not get enough of studying the Word or hearing him speak about it.  One of the many things he said that sticks with me was, “One thing is always certain, change.”  He was right on.  (He said other things I thought were profound, but this one works with my story today.)

Change is certain.  People like to say death and taxes are certain.  I guess you can’t argue with that either, but change is the most certain thing we encounter every day.  Whatever situation you are in right now, it’s going to change.  I can’t tell you if the change will be good or bad, but I can tell you it will change.

Change is coming in our house.  I can feel it.  I’m not talking about DD departing at the end of the summer.  I’m speaking of the way things go in our house.

I came home from work today to a picked up living room and mostly done dishes and a clean kitchen floor and a visible floor in the boys room.  The visible floor thing is nothing short of a miracle.

That, my sisters and brothers, is change. 

It’s a good change.

I’m thinking of becoming a change agent. 

DS#2 and DS#3 felt change happening to them after bath time. 

DD & DS#1 desperately wanted ice cream as a reward for their change in habit of picking up today.  At first I said no, but then I succumbed to their incessant pleas. 

Yes, they wore me down. 

At this same time, DS#2 & DS#3 were in the tub.  I could hear splashing and warned them to stop.  They did not heed my warning.

I went in to get them out and found a thin layer of water on my bathroom floor and, I kid you not, water on the ceiling.

Clearly, I was being an inattentive parent.

Clearly, they knew better and had punishment coming.

Maybe not so clearly, I denied them ice cream.

Clearly, if you’re a sibling, they each said it was entirely the fault of the other.

I stuck to my guns, and the poor little darlins had no treat.

I hope they remember and change their behavior the next time they’re in the tub.

Clearly, we’ll find out tomorrow.

Here’s to change!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Change is certain. Glad you are back posting. Love you guys & your family!!

  2. Ask my mom about the time she went running in the bathroom yelling at Matt(little boy matt) about the water everywhere and ended up on her back. Now that’s a memory. Taking away food would be a good punishment for all of us, God should try that!

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