Posted by: simplyelizabeth | July 2, 2009

Camping Conversation and A Couple Other Things

The family is camping this week at a camp ground down the road from us.  I go out for dinner and spend the night and get up and go home the next morning and go to work.  While it sounds strange, it’s working for me.  I get to leave work and go to a peaceful setting to be with the kiddos and hubster.  I also don’t have to deal with my “somewhat decluttered but not quite” house. 🙂  After last week’s garage sale I discovered I need to purge at least that much again.

De Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt.

The last two nights we’ve had a raccoon visit our camp site.  This causes great excitement among the campers.  Last night when he came (no I didn’t really check the gender of the raccoon – it’s just easier to assign it one)  the boys were all excited.  DS#1 wanted it to leave us and our campsite alone.  DS#2 & DS#3 wanted to befriend it and take it home to make it a pet.  The latter was a big no go.  However, we did enjoy watching the raccoon try to take off with our Pringles and finish off DS#3’s cupcake. 

DS#3, “wwwwm, he’s so cute.  I think he’s just a baby.”

Me, “I think he’s more like your age.  I be next year he’ll go to Kindergarten.”

DS#3, “Raccoons don’t go to kindergarten.  They’re raccoons!”

Me, “They go to Raccoon Kindergarten.  How do you think they learn what they need to know?”

DS#3, “Really?”  (said with a look of awe and intrigue)

I just love playing with my kids minds.

Here’s a special little gem from DS#3 from last week.

My mom was talking to the boys about a family reunion we’d recently attended and they inquired about their grandpa not being there.  He’s in heaven.  During the discussion, they wanted to know if their daddy was a grandpa.  I’m happy to report he’s not to my knowledge.  Anyhow, she told them he would be when they got married someday and had children of their own. 

DS#2 “I’m not having kids!”

DS#3, “I’m not having kids either.  They might be evil and hit me on the head.”

Oh yes, we have a most loving and encouraging environment in our home.  We are blessed.

My mother questioned what we do in our house.  I told her  I pray a lot.

You’ll want to pray for us too after this next story. 

Last night I roasted DS#1’s underwear over the camp fire. 

No, there are no typos in the preceding sentence.

I discovered that DS#1 had had an accident and failed to report it to the proper authorities.  The last few weeks he has had an issue with this.  I don’t know if he waits way too long to take care of the situation or if there’s a problem we need to get checked out.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s the first one of the two. 

I had taken a change of clothes, but failed to take a change of underwear for the children.  I believed we were past this.  DS#1 certainly should be past this.  I believed incorrectly.

I had him changes clothes and he just had to be free in his shorts.  He didn’t object.   How could he?

I went back into the camper and washed out his underwear.  I wrung them out the best I could and then put them on a stick over the fire to try and help speed up the drying process. 

Once again, there a no typos in the preceding sentences. 

This created much laughter and chatter for the boys and my husband too.  DH simply stated that I’m not right.  I’m sure it will be a fond memory for the boys. 

I like to create warm, fuzzy memories for my family and I’m just sure this will be one of them.   Aren’t you?

Have a great day!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I think “roasting” underwear is a pretty genius idea! Just tell him it’s better than attaching them to the antenna of your car and driving around the campgrounds to air-dry them!

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