Posted by: simplyelizabeth | July 23, 2009

Of Toads and Trees, Part 2

And aren’t you lucky that you get to hear more about our camping exploits? 

I can see the excitement on all of your faces. 

Really, I can.

So last night was our last night of camping this week.  It rained most of yesterday afternoon so DH and the boys were in the camper.  DH thought about going home with the kiddos because of the camper being a confined space and the boys being high energy, but they didn’t want to go.  He conceded to their wants and stayed.  They watched (I use this term “watch” loosely) movies and ate popcorn.  They also wrestled and spoke loudly to each other.  It’s hard to sit still when your a boy – or so I’ve observed.

I went down after work, when it had quit raining, and only had to give DH one nerve pill. 

No, not really.

I delivered dinner instead of cooking over the fire last night and then we went for a bike ride and walk.  We rode our bikes to a trail, parked them and walked.  You know what we found on our walk? 


The little critters were everywhere.  When we stepped, they jumped.  We may have inadvertently sent a few to Toad Heaven.  The boys thought they were in Heaven.  They couldn’t catch them fast enough. 

DS#1 found a medium sized one and decided it could be a date for the medium sized one he had at the campground.  Each boy carried a handful of toads the length of the trail.  At the end of the trail, we were at the lake, so DS#3 and DS#2 released their toads.  Not DS#1.  He was bound and determined to make it back to the campsite and give his toady friend a date. 

I asked DS#1 if he’d put the toads in a bottle again and he assured me he did not.  I did not ask DS#1 where they were if they were not in a bottle.  We found out a little later.

When we got back from our walk, the boys played with a family that was camping near us.  While they were playing, DH got a fire started so we could have smores.  You really can’t camp without having smores before bed – even if the sugar makes it a little harder to wind down.  It’s an unwritten must for us.

So, the fire is going pretty good.  We decide to invite the next door family to partake in our smore ritual.  Since it had been raining earlier, we ate dinner in the camper and had not used the picnic table.  DH went to take the toys that were sitting on the picnic table while I went inside to get plates, graham crackers, Hershey’s & marshmallows.  I came back out the door just in time to see DH pick up a Frisbee off the table.  When he picked it up, there was a mass exodus of toads.  I didn’t know that many toads could fit under a Frisbee.  They went in all directions across the table and I think I faintly heard Aretha Franklin’s “Freedom” coming from their general vicinity.


DH, “DS#1, I found your toads.”

DS#1, “Don’t let them escape!  They’re my friends!”  He frantically tried to gather them back up, but it was to no avail.

DH, “If they’re really your friends, you should let them go free.”

DS#1 didn’t agree, but let it happen anyway. 

We washed the table, our hands and had smores.


A litte backtrack – while the kiddos were playing, DS#3 felt the call of nature.  What he did not feel was modesty.  He skipped the tree altogether and aimed at bugs in a nearby ditch, along the road, for God and everybody to see. 

I’m just comforted to know he doesn’t have any body image issues. 

It was now time for bed.  We got people in their respective beds.  DS#1 sleeps by himself.  DS#2 & DS#3 share a bed.  It’s the way it always is.  DS#2 wanted to know why DS#1 always gets the couch bed.   Why can’t he sleep there.  We said be happy, you’re fine where you are. 

The complaining continued.  We stood our ground.  If you start switching your routine, it throws everyone off.

DS#1 decided to weigh in with his opinion.  He got a bit flip and smart mouthed.  We decided he need not be so smug and switched.  We told DS#2 to go sleep where DS#1 was and DS#1 to go share a bed with DS#3.

It threw everybody off.

DS#3 wanted to know why he had to stay where he was.  DS#1 wanted “his” bed and it wasn’t fair.  DS#2 wanted his pillow and not to sleep with DS#3.  It all became very confusing and chaotic. 

The crowning moment was the complete and utter meltdown of DS#1 when he stated, “I don’t want to sleep where DS#2 does!  He picks his boogers and wipes them on his sheets!”

Me, “DS#2 used to do that, but I’m sure he doesn’t anymore because we’ve talked about how yucky that is.  You don’t do that anymore, right DS#2?”

DS#2, pause, pause, wait for it, “Well . . . . . . yeah, sometimes I do.”

DS#1 “Aaaarrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhh!  Seeeeeee!  I told you!”

OK – I don’t want to sleep with DS#2 anymore either.

Everyone went back to their respective places and all was right with the world again.  

A decree went out  stating that there would be no more switching of where one sleeps and no more picking of boogers and wiping them on sheets – your own or anyone elses.  The kingdom was once again at peace.

After all was well, DH and I went back out to the fire and enjoyed adult time.  We just sat and enjoyed the night.  In all the nuttiness, I truly can’t imagine another life that I would enjoy the way I do this one. 

I felt blessed.  I felt content.  I thanked God.

Have a great one my friends!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I just love your boy stories. I will forever be amazed by how different they are than girls. Glad your camping went well, and I’m sure the toads will be singing croaks of praise as they see your camper heading home. 🙂

  2. Ohhhh – aren’t boys wonderful?! The other day, we rode to a ball game with a friend who had parked at our ballfield. When we got back to the vehicles, DS#2 had to “go” and I said go behind a tree (he couldn’t wait the 5 blocks to get home) – he went behind the tree at the entrance of south school – with his bum facing the road & his front facing the team practicing on field 1. Yes, the joys of having boys!!! 🙂

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