Posted by: simplyelizabeth | July 28, 2009

But, I’m Afraid Godzilla Might Get Me

It is one of life’s greatest mysteries – how many ways can a child delay going to bed?

This is close second only to why your kids can be at the far corners of the Earth, but if you pick up the phone to talk, they seek you out claiming life altering repercussions if you do not pay attention to them that very instant.

Last night was a circus at bedtime.  Truthfully, I don’t like bedtime at all.  We ebb and flow on having a routine, so most of it is really our own monster we’ve made.  However, what is so wrong with telling your kids goodnight after you’ve tucked them in and said prayer and actually expecting them to stay there?  In my mind, it makes sense. 

I know I stayed in bed.

Truly I did.

Just ask my mama. 🙂

Last night wasn’t that much different than other nights, it just seemed my children were more persistent and creative in their excuses.

DS#3 kept complaining that DS#2 would not be quiet. 

DS#1 decided that he had horrible allergies and needed medicine. 

Everybody wanted one more drink of water. 

Everybody suddenly had to go to the bathroom at the same time even though they had all been less than 15 minutes earlier. 

In between each episode I could be heard mumbling things like “No more!”  “This is ridiculous!”  “I said we’re done.”  and “For the love of  all that is good and holy AND my sanity, you must go to sleep . . . . NOW!”  Well, I guess I wasn’t really mumbling.

Ahhhhh.  There was silence.

Then five minutes later DS#2 gets up and says, “Mom, I can’t go to sleep.  I’ve tried really hard.  I’m scared that Godzilla might get me.”

Me, “Remember when we watched the movie Saturday that Godzilla lives in the ocean?  There are only corn and bean fields around us.  No ocean.  Now get back to bed before I turn into Momzilla!”

He squealed with delight and ran off. 

I’m so glad my children think I’m funny when I’m really on the brink of beating them.  It’s God’s little way of saving us both.

Have a terrific day!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Oh, I can soooo totally relate!!!!! Luckily (for me and my children) they will be leaving monday morning for 2 weeks of bliss (for me and them) with their grandparents in Oklahoma!!! I will then spend a month deprogramming them from receiving everything their little hearts desire, but it oh so worth the 2 weeks of peace and quiet, and I think it makes me a much better and happier mama in the end!! =)

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