Posted by: simplyelizabeth | September 2, 2009

They Call It The Daily Grind For a Reason

Addendum – Can you have one of these at the beginning?  Well, this is where it is going. 

I just recently discovered a wonderful new website for women.  What’s the name, you ask?   (in)courage   It’s running in it’s infantcy at the moment, but I can tell it will reach maturity quickly and bless all who frequent it.  It has already blessed me.  (possibly I relate to infants and small children better?)

So they are having a giveaway and you link a post about hope.  I felt my post was about the hope I have found in recent months.  Go check out all the other links to see how others see hope. 

Now, on to the post!


Once again, I’ve had good intentions, but no actions to back them up.  I just realized it’s been over a month since I’ve been here. 

It’s quite possible you have now given up on me for good.  In the off chance that you still have hope for me, I will continue on. 

I was speaking to a friend the other day – why yes I do have a friend – and we were discussing how life can sometimes deal us stressful situations. (I’m sure this doesn’t happen to you, but go along with me to make me feel better.)

Anyhow, at the time I was upset about having to take DD back to her dad’s.   She decided to move though I still feel that she should be with me.  I realize she’s a teenager and has lost her mind, but even so, the whole thing hurts.  I’ve known this was coming and did not expect to be overwhelmed with my emotions.  I thought I was prepared and could handle it. 


Someone turned on the faucet and I simply could not make it stop. 

As I was talking to my friend I told her I felt kind of silly because it wasn’t as if I would never see DD again.  She, being the compassionate person she is, shared with me that she knows daily life can be just as hard as anything else in this world.  This is coming from a woman whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer before she was two.  Her daughter is now fine and dandy and as normal as a thirteen year old can be. 

Praise God.

I started thinking later about it all.  I was sharing with another friend and she agreed that the daily grind can definitely make you feel like you’ve been pulverized.

Isn’t that what grinding is?  Something get’s broken down and beat up and ground until it’s a powder.  I guess my first thought of something that’s ground is coffee.


I can smell my favorite kind right now!

Then my mind wandered to the fact that when things are ground, it generally makes whatever the thing is a useable thing.  (Dear Heavenly Father, Please don’t ever let my high school English teacher see my blog and the gramatical atrosities I commit.  Thank you for your mercy and grace. Amen.)

What I’m trying to say is, it becomes transformed.  Coffee beans become aromatic coffee grounds.  There are minerals and herbs that become healing remedies. 

So then my mind wandered to, “I wonder if this is how God intends to transform us?”  We are indeed to be transformed into His son’s image and this doesn’t happen overnight. 

Now, I’m not saying God takes delight in beating us down everyday until we become who we are meant to be in Him.   Above all He is love and love does not intentionally hurt others.

I merely think he uses our daily, human circumstances to assist us in our transformation.  We are called to pour ourselves out to Him and let His presence fill us back up. 

So why is it that when I feel wrung out I turn to food or the TV or a friend or the computer?  I believe I may suffer from the same brain damage I claim my children do.  (Please do not tell them I said this.  Thank you for your support.)

Well, now I have empathy for God.  This whole parenting thing is hard enough with the four I’ve got – I can’t begin to imagine how he deals with all of us! 

I guess that’s why He’s God, and I’m just mom. 🙂

Thank you God for loving me enough to transform me – even when I think it’s painful.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth

Hey!  It’s September which means in my mind it’s Fall and you know how I love Fall!  Stay tuned for some good fall stuff!



  1. Your so right, it’s all part of the transformation process to become the beautiful beings we are all meant to become.

    Your always in my prayers. Glad your back!!

  2. This was good, E. I love seeing the comparison, that things that our ground can be useful and yummy and purposeful! What a helpful analogy! Sorry you have had to go through some “grinding” lately, but I’m so glad that you are able to see God in it.

  3. Ok…before all this grind talk, I thought I hated the grind, soooo tiring! But now with all this God/coffee/change for the good talk…the grind is in! Good Analogy Sister! Love ya!

  4. Good word picture. Reminds me of a story about coffee, eggs, and carrots. Each one has a different resonse when placed into the boiling water. Coffee becomes better, eggs become hard on the outside and mush on the inside, and carrots become soft where before they were hard. May God bless you as you hold tight to Him. 🙂

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