Posted by: simplyelizabeth | September 4, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

I have been a bad wife this year.  I did not get DH a birthday card.  I have given DH a hard time in the past when he did not get me a card.  I didn’t do it to get even.  I have simply been thoughtless and careless in my actions where it is concerned.  (Will your forgive me dear?)

Since I didn’t get him a birthday card, I thought I’d give him a birthday blog.  (I hope this makes up for it, honey.)

I told you about my husband last year on his birthday, but I’d like to add more.

In addition to him making my heart go pitty pat when I witness the tenderness he shows to our kiddos, he has been blessed with more patience than anyone I’ve ever known.

He’s a wonderful mediator with family matters and other matters.

He has a kind and caring and giving heart.

More important than the kind, caring & giving heart is his heart for God.

He has a deep abiding desire to lead his family in a Godly manner.

He is handy around the house.

He is humble and completely underestimates his talents and intellect.

He has the ability to make me feel safe from the world’s ills and untouchable when he wraps his arms around me.

He is a fun Daddy.

He is a fun Hubby, too.

He strives and stretches to grow emotionally. (OK, this probably isn’t a good manly thing to say, but who doesn’t want to feel like their hubby is listening and relating to them?  Hmmmm?  I didn’t think I’d get any lip!)

He just finished teaching The Love Dare to our Sunday School class and it was his idea to do it. 

Now that you’re all jealous, know he’s mine.  😉

Happy birthday honey!  Thank you for all these things and a few others that I can’t mention because I strive to keep this a family friendly site. Hubba Hubba!

Love, Elizabeth


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