Posted by: simplyelizabeth | September 14, 2009

A Little of This and A Little of That, Maybe More Than I Bargained For

How could anyone be bored with kiddos in their house?  It’s beyond me.  Then again, there are quite a few things that are beyond me, but that’s for another post.  🙂

Yesterday I was sitting at the computer with DS#2 hanging over me.  He waiting for his turn at the computer – not so patiently.  I couldn’t help but notice his breath. 

Yuk, yuk and double yuk!

I turned to him and said, “Aaron, you didn’t brush your teeth this morning.  Why?”

DS#2, “I don’t know.  I forgot?”

Me, “You didn’t forget.  I told you. Listen, honey, I had a friend that I grew up with that had horrible oral hygiene.  I don’t think he ever brushed his teeth and his breath smelled awful!  Other kids made fun of him and he never did have a girlfriend in high school.  I’m pretty sure it’s because of his breath.  He had a yuk mouth.  I know you don’t care about girls now, but you should care about your teeth.  You need to brush them every morning and evening before bed. ”

He looked at me.  A smile crept across his face.

DS#2, “I brush them every Monday mom.”

Me, “DS#2!  Do I have to take you to the bathroom and supervise you to make sure it’s done?”

DS#2, “I’m just kidding.  giggle giggle giggle  I brush them more than that.  That was funny, wasn’t it.”  Big Grin

Me, “No, it wasn’t.”  But really, it was. 

Of course, he may only, truly brush his teeth on Monday and decided to make it a joke when he saw the terrified/horrified look upon my face.  I’m going to cling to the hope that he was being clever. 

Then there was later in the day – around dinner time – DS#2 came into the kitchen and gave my bottom a “love tap”.  Then he decided to act like he was playing the drums on my bottom.  Oh what fun.

I told him to stop it.  I told him to stop it several times.  It’s hard to be serious with this boy, because as I have stated before, his laugh is carbonated joy.  It is so infectious and just bubbles up from his toes and spills out over his vocal chords, out his mouth and continues upward – straight to Heaven, where I’m sure the angels smile when they hear it too.

Yep – I love this kid.

Anywho – I said, “Why do you do that????”

DS#2, “It’s fun!”  Big Semitoothless Grin”

Me, “What is fun about beating my behind?”

DS#2, “I like to watch your bottom jiggle.”

I still love him, just not as much after his candid answer. 

Maybe that’s what I get back for telling him his breath stinks. 

Possibly I should let this inspire me into getting rock hard buns. 

Or, maybe not.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I’m sorry, but I had another laugh out loud moment as I was reading this. I know my children think I am crazy when I do that! But that was good! Oh, how I needed the laugh!:)

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