Posted by: simplyelizabeth | September 29, 2009

Deep Doo

This past weekend, the family plus my mama, went on a day trip.  My mama’s bday is Oct. 4th and she said she wanted us all to go to William Henry Harrison’s home in Vincennes.  I’ll tell you he was the Governor of the North West Territory and our 9th President so you aren’t frantically searching through the recesses of your mind.  I know you would have come up with it eventually, I just thought if I told you, I could get back to my story. 

Thank me later.

This is what you do when your mama is a retired 5th grade teacher.  She ate, slept and breathed American history.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing.  I quite enjoy history myself.  I’m just saying things like this make her heart flutter. 

It was a small thing to do for her, considering all she does for us, to make her heart flutter for her birthday.

We started out from our house to go pick her up at her house – a mere two minutes in travel time – and I could see there were going to be issues if  I didn’t nip them in the bud.  All three boys had to sit in the back seat.

Yes, together, as in next to each other and touching each other.

DS#1 has found great delight in knowing how to make his brothers unhappy.  This makes me unhappy.  His father is none to happy about the situation either. 

It began.  Not 10 seconds into our trip, and it began.

I turned around in my seat and in my best “I’m serious” voice said, “DS#1, I am telling you that you will not behave this way today!  You will make it a point to get along!  If you do not, you may consider your life in peril when we get home.  Do you understand?”

DS#3, “That means you’re in deep doo.”

DS#3 didn’t miss a beat. 

 The baby started kindergarten this year and he’s still not completely sure about which letter is A, B or C, but he knows what the word peril means.   Because I’m his mama, I find it impressive. 🙂


This isn’t us at William Henry Harrison’s home.  It’s us at the George Roger’s Clark Memorial, also in Vincennes.  Please don’t confuse George with William Clark of Lewis & Clark.

Thank you.  My mother will appreciate it.

Here’s a pic of the kiddos that I’ve recently fallen in love with.  DS#3 is on DD’s back.  You can just tell that he’s going to have an extensive vocabulary – don’t you think?


Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. How sweet of you to treat your mom so well! Isn’t it funny what kids can understand…
    especially when it’s said in serious mommy tone. Unfortunatly, my kids have even learned to ignore the “I mean it voice”. Ug. FYI picture is not in full, at least not here anyway. Glad I got to see it in person. Sooooo cute!

  2. I agree, I think the tone of your voice had “deep doo doo” written all over it. I love the words you use with your kids. Even when they are in trouble, you are expanding their vocabulary. They will thank you some day. 🙂
    Sweet pictures. Thanks for explaining who these historical figures were, because you can bet I didn’t really know. Sorry to disappoint your mom.

  3. cute pictures but I couldn’t click on them to make bigger-was I supposed to be able to do that? the one w/ you all and the statue, you look little

    but I’m sure it was a great day

    the kids’ picture is really cute

    talk to you soon!

  4. ps so glad you blogged again-I missed it!

  5. Your kids crack me up!

  6. great pics of the kids!

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