Posted by: simplyelizabeth | October 1, 2009

One is The Loneliest Number

Do any of you lose one shoe?

I mean, we all lose socks.


We know it’s the dryer that loses them.  There’s some mysterious time space continuum that goes on in the belly of a dryer.  When one closes the dryer door, I’m apt to think a door opens up in the back side and there are little dryer gremlins that decide which pair of socks will no longer have mates.  I also think they sometimes smudge a stain here and there on a shirt or pair of pants. 

So, it is universally understood that socks do not stay together because the dryer, or some entity associated with the dryer, eats them.



Now, about the shoe situation.  I don’t believe there are shoe gremlins in the back of my closet.  My main reasoning here is that my shoes rarely end up in my closet.  (I’m disorganizationally challenged.)  I do know that I take my shoes off  in pairs – usually by the couch or in the bathroom.  (it depends on which place I sit first)  I take them off and physically see that there is a pair of shoes setting off to the side of where I last sat.

I do have a problem with my boys taking off with my shoes.  They think it’s fun to wear them.  No, I’m not too concerned because they also think toilet humor is king.  I don’t wear a very big size, so they can easily take off in them and they do. 

And I then have difficulties figuring out where they went. 

 And they never seem to remember where they left them because which ever son I’m speaking with assures me repeatedly that he was not the last person to have my shoes. 

And then I will find one, but not the other – for days – sometimes weeks – maybe months.

This was my dilemma yesterday morning.  All I wanted was one pair of brown shoes with a bit of heel to go with my outfit.  Should I have planned this the night before?  Well, yes, but I will again repeat that I am organizationally challenged. 

I could find one of my brown heels, one sling back and one of my heeled mules. 

I looked under the couch, beds, in closets other than my own, the bathrooms, the playroom and corners of the kitchen.  I even sent the little darlins’ off to help search.  It was no surprise when they turned up empty handed.

I did have a pair of brown flats, that looked a little dorky, that I wore because I had no other choice and the only other option was to change my clothes.  ( I did laundry last night, so that was not an option either.)

I have decided that I’m suspending all TV and eating of meals and snacks until my shoes are paired together again.  I think this will encourage the little darlins’ to remember a little better and maybe look a little harder.

Anyone else have this problem?

(crickets chirping)


(deafening silence)

OK then.  You all have a great day!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. No more tv and meals? I think Bill will find all the shoes for you!

  2. I have the same problem, only more so with Liane’s shoes. And of course she never remembers. Even though she knows. She took her sweater off today, and when it was time to go and I asked her where it was, I got the “I don’t know” answer. After threatening to leave her, she promptly replied that it was in the dining room!?! Go figure.

  3. OK…shoes go missing here too. And because of the little man @ this house too. I often feel as if I’m playing that kids memory game again. Holding a shoe in one hand and looking around saying “Now I know we’ve seen the match…take your time think about it, where was it!” Never in the most logical location. Ug!

  4. We couldn’t find Jake’s shoes today. period. either one. Finally they magically appeared in Zack’s room….

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