Posted by: simplyelizabeth | November 4, 2009

I Like Being Fashionably Late

OK.  So yesterday after I posted about the pigs I live with, I went to a bloggy friend’s blog and found out it is National Blog Posting Month.  She said if you live on planet Earth you probably already know that about November.  

You know, our heavenly father says we’re not of this world, so I’m going to go with that since I was not aware of this national event.

Every day, if you choose to participate, you’re supposed to post about something you’re thankful for. 

Well, to make sure, I momentarily left here to look it up and it just says you post every day for a month, but I like the thankful twist so I’m going to go  with it. 🙂 

Would you like to take bets on if I can do it? 

Shame on me!  I don’t gamble and I sure don’t want to encourage you to do so. 

Just take guesses.

Maybe I’ll surprise us all. 🙂

Today I am thankful for just being here.  I really do feel blessed by the life that God has allowed me to lead.  It has not been one without any trouble or strife, but then again, what kind of life would that be?  You know, it’s the bumps and bruises that make us appreciate everything else.  They also contribute to my somewhat twisted sense of humor that I enjoy.  I think some of you enjoy it too. 

Today, DS#1 is not so well, but my mama is helping me out by taking care of him. 

Another “Thankful”!

Thank you Mommy!

Wow!  I think I could really get on a roll here, but then what would I do for the next 26 days? 

Would you like to join me and respond to things you’re thankful for during NaBloPoMo? 

NaBloPoMo is what those who are in the know call National Blog Posting Month.  

Do you think I’m cool now? 

I think I’m cool now.  Does that count? 

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Amy here. Darn password.
    You are so cool! I saw NaBloPoMo on someone’s blog yesterday, and I was like, “HUH???” You have cleared up a mystery for me, my dear. See, we just are not of this world, I guess. 🙂

  2. I just have to clarify on one little point – NaBloPoMo isn’t about posting what you’re thankful for, it’s just an effort to post daily – on whatever topic you choose. It just so happens that with it being November and Thanksgiving, that writing about the things I’m thankful for seemed the logical choice. 🙂

    I think you can actually go to the website and sign up for it or something, but as I said, I’m “unofficially” joining the bandwagon!

    Thanks for the nod, Elizabeth!

  3. I know a lot about being late…Ashlyn says “sorry we are late”, no matter where or when we arrive somewhere! eeek!

  4. I’m thankful you told me that you were blogging again & the time to catch up with it!!

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