Posted by: simplyelizabeth | November 16, 2009

Thankful for Divine Intervention

Before I begin my story, I want to state that I just don’t know how the weekends get away from me.  I have all the intentions of the world to post, but I don’t make it.  I won’t say sorry because at this point, you wouldn’t believe me.  I will say that I can see things changing for the better as far as time management goes in my house.  I’m being more diligent about the dishes and keeping the living room picked up.  I believe the story I’m about to reveal has encouraged me to be proactive.

I know you’re thrilled to hear the update. 

I know you’re thrilled because I hear the cheers for me as you encourage me on to become a real, bona fide adult that takes care of her house. 🙂

So, since having the 4 offspring I call my own, I have learned that Divine Intervention comes in all shapes, sizes and times.  Of course, since the intervention is divine, it’s always the perfect shape, size and time. Thank you God. 

Really, where would we be without our Creator?  Uncreated?  Unthinkable!

Back to the story I have yet to start.  I could not find DS#1’s basketball shorts on the Saturday of a game.  I searched high and low, literally, and asked him if he remembered what he did with them.  He told me he put them in the laundry. 

This could true because our laundry room looks as if the washer and dryer threw up all over the floor.  Clothes start out in assigned baskets, but, well I’m not sure what happens.  I think we try to find specific articles of clothing which leads to dragging all the clothing out of the baskets and then the laundry room has taken on a life of its own and it scares me.  I had already searched the laundry room and did not find the shorts.

It occurred to me that it is possible my son did not put his shorts in the laundry room.  He may have shed them in his room and then, well God only knows where they may be.  No funny intended there – really – God only knows.  I did decide I should take a shot at looking for them though because I couldn’t very well have DS#1 running up and down the basketball court in his underwear.  I really don’t think he’d go for that anyway.  It would lead to an indecent exposure ticket that would stick with him the rest of his life and I cannot in good conscience allow such things.

Have I told you that the three boys share a room?  There is rarely a floor to be seen in it either.  It is covered in toys, blankets, pillows and occasionally some clothes that didn’t find their way to the laundry. 

I searched under beds, in the bottoms of toy bins, in drawers that are meant for sheets and underwear, and shelving that is meant for toys.   All that was left to search was that space between the bed and the wall.  It’s not a very big space, but you’d be surprised what can fit there. 

This was it. This is where the Divine Intervention happened.

I crawled across the bottom bunk to peer over the edge, into the abyss of what lies between the bed and wall.  Little boys have a tendency to want to stash things, hide things they don’t want to get caught with red-handed.  Knowing this, I carefully looked and reached down to start pulling out toys, socks and a few other assorted things. 

Then I saw it.

No, not the shorts.  I still haven’t found those. 

I saw what was lurking below.  It was hideous!  It made me scream.  It was attached to the wall.  Yes, attached. 

Ugggghhhhh!  How can I let things like this happen in my house?  Oh the humanity!!!!

I wasn’t sure what I was looking at first.  I did see a glass on its side and then there was all this fuzz stuff covering a video tape.  The fuzz stuff had crawled off the video tape and was creeping up the wall.  The tape was adhered to the wall by of the fuzz stuff.

Excuse me while I turn green and run to the bathroom for a short break. 

Nope, I’m not kidding.  It’s the honest to goodness truth.

I picked up the side of the tape that had yet to be taken over by the growth.  I picked up the glass.  I threw the tape away, but inspected it a bit before to see what the fuzz stuff may have been in a former life. 

This is what I deduced after applying techniques seen on CSI New York.  Under the fuzz stuff were two graham crackers.  The glass had water in it at some point.  The glass spilled onto the graham crackers, both of which had been stashed between the bed and walls as to hide them from Mommy.  The heat has been on periodically in our humble abode and the heat register is at the head of the bed, thus making a perfect environment to grow science experiments of this nature.  I expect the incubation period of said experiment was somewhere between 7-10 days.  The growing period would have been sped up by the heat from the register and moisture from the spilled water. 

I know.  It’s amazing what one can learn from a television show.   

Now, you may be wondering how I consider this Divine Intervention.  I truly believe God led me to look between the bed and wall because within a few more days I think the growth may have been hungry and tried to devour DS#2.  He sleeps in the bottom bunk.  It saved his life and saved us a police investigation.  

How on Earth would we have explained that?  The fuzz stuff ate him?  I don’t think they would have believed us. 

Thank you God for saving us from the fuzz stuff. 

Now, if I could just find those shorts. 

Blessing & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. Gross and Entertaining…what more could one ask for in a good read?

  2. LOL!!!! I know exactly what your talking about. I think anyone with a little boy in the house knows what your talking about! After cleaning the playroom this afternoon, I made the rule again for the millionth time that no food shall leave the kitchen by the children, this may or may not include the husband to. 🙂

  3. Amber – I do the same thing – I swear off food in the bedrooms & then I give in…thanks for the reminder E, that I should not cave!!!

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