Posted by: simplyelizabeth | January 7, 2010

Snow Day!

Even though the kiddos just got back in school, they’ve got a snow day today. 

I wish I had a snow day.  Really, really!

DH is taking them to their uncle’s house to go sledding this afternoon.  I’m sorry I won’t be with them to see the joy on their faces, but such tis life sometimes. 

Frankly, I think DH is sorry too, because he doesn’t have the same appreciation for snow that I do.

You know, that’s what makes relationships work.  It’s only when you can appreciate your mate’s differences that you can find true joy. 

Just my humble oppinion.

What’s that?  Have we arrived there as a couple?  Well, nooooo.  Have you?  Didn’t think so sister.

I remember snow days when I was growing up.  They seemed almost magical.  I lived in a terrific neighborhood when my mom could bundle me up and send me out the door to play with my friends.  When we were done, we always, and I mean always, had hot chocolate to warm back up.  I hope my boys get that same feeling today. 🙂

One thing we do, even if we can’t get out much in the snow, is have Pepsi floats.  That’s what we call them.  We take our plastic cups and pack them as tightly as possible with clean snow.  I must stress, clean snow. We then take them in the house and pour Pepsi over them.  I know it may sound a little like, “So what.”, but the kids think it’s great.  It’s special because you don’t get to do this every day. 

I do love the snow. 

I think I may dress them back up when I get home, go out with them and make snow angels. 

Do you like the snow?  Want to join me?

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth



  1. I too am a fan of snow…when looking at it through glass, preferably when I am on the warm side of the glass and not on the snow side!

  2. I love the snow as well, but also from the inside. Paul and Abigail love playing in it, and that is fine with me. As long as I go out and take pictures, they are cool with it.
    Love the Pepsi float idea. We’ve done snow ice cream and snow candy, where you pour maple syrup on the snow and it freezes. But that sounds like it would be a yummy, slushy treat!

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