Posted by: simplyelizabeth | January 18, 2010

I Just Hate It When My Kid Is Right or My Mama Too For That Matter

This isn’t about my Mama at all – but don’t you just hate it when they’re right and you’re wrong? 

Awe, c’mon!  You know you do too. 

And it’s our job to make sure our children hate it when we’re right. 

Really, it is.

It’s a family tradition.

How did I get off the subject before I was even on it? 

Well, well then

The story was/is this.

Yesterday, I decided the hubster and I were going to be unproductive for the afternoon – after church and lunch.  We’ve been watching the complete series of The West Wing.  I’m totally hooked and like that I don’t have to wait to see what next week holds.

DS#1 asked what we were doing yesterday afternoon.  I told him we were doing nothing.  I said his dad and I were going to watch The West Wing all afternoon and I was going to make some jewelry – my newest obsession that keeps me from housework. 🙂  He and the other two boys wanted us to all play Rock Band on the Wii.

It was working out beautifully until DS#3 started his plea about all that is unjust in his world.  I said, “Listen, today this is what I’m doing.  You can occupy your own time – it’s good for you.  Today I declare about me.  Me, I tell you. It’s all about me and what I want to do today.’

So much for being a selfless parent.

This is what DS#3 informed me of in his response. “It is not all about you.  It’s Sunday and it’s all about Jesus.  It’s supposed to be about Jesus every day.  It’s not all about you!”

Dang it!  I hate it when the 9 year old is right.

I ignored him, because I’m not totally sure Jesus was wanting us to play Rock Band, and continued my “day of rest”.

Just so you know, I did fix meals so they weren’t totally on their own.  I even fixed homemade donuts later in the evening.  It was after that, the donuts, that I received the comment, “You’re the best mommy ever!”

I know it made DS#1 happy – hopefully it made Jesus happy too.


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