Posted by: simplyelizabeth | January 20, 2010

Hello Out There!

I thought I’d check in and let you know how I did.  I did not get the living room taken care of, but I forgot that a class I’ve been attending on Thursdays was moved to Tuesday this week.  By the time I got home, it was time to put the kids and myself to bed. 

I’m going to take a crack at it tonight. 

I did drink plenty of water and I did contact family.

Then there was the dreaming.  I dream often while I’m awake, so that was a give away for me. 

What is it that I dream?

I dream about being a stay at home mom, even though the little darlin’s are in school, and I dream of being a writer to support us.  Currently I’m dreaming of jewelry and an Etsy shop on the side too. 

Isn’t Etsy divine? 

You don’t have to answer.  I already know.

I also dream of eating 90% of  meals at the kitchen table, that is properly set, and having discussion about everyone’s day and what is happening in the world.  I would like for the discussion to mind expanding.

I dream of an inviting house, inside and out, and people stopping by just because. 

Don’t read into this. Don’t stop by now because I will not let you in.  I do not carry enough homeowner’s insurance to cover any accident should something happen to you once you cross my threshold.  We (the family) know how to navigate the terrain inside our home because it’s our natural habitat.  It is not yours.  You will get hurt.  I would feel badly.

To continue the dream, I dream that I awaken refreshed every morning and exercise for 45 minutes and then eat a healthy breakfast.  Of course this coincides with the dream of eating at the table and having engaging conversation.

I dream that I’m adorable size 4 and all things I wear look adorable on me.

I dream that my children are not only considerate and thoughtful outside the home, but to each other as well.

I dream that we take two family vacations every year.  One vacation is simply for fun and bonding.  The other is a family mission trip.  I really do want to do this.  Besides, if all this other dreaming comes to fruition, we’ll need something to ground us.  Don’t you think?

I dream that I am the Godly wife and mother. 

I dream of infinite patience, which is required for the above dream.

I dream of world peace and prosperity and that we all know and love Jesus and want what our God wants, not what we want!

I dream  . . . . . . . . .  uh oh.

I think the previously stated dream may make some of my other dreams frivolous.  It may null and void them. 

Well, not all of them.

Maybe I should go back and talk to DS#1 and we should discuss that it’s not all about me. 🙂

I do think, however, that even Jesus wants peace and order in my house. 

No, you still can’t come over.

I’ll let you know how tonight goes, and maybe, just maybe, this weekend. 

Or maybe not.

I think we need to work on table manners first.

Blessings & Hug, Elizabeth



  1. Those are all good dreams. Probably attainable, too, but only with God’s help. I enjoyed reading about your dreams, E. And keep cracking away at that list!

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