Posted by: simplyelizabeth | February 1, 2010


Somebody defined it as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.   I could find out who the somebody is, but it would take more effort than I’m willing to exert right now. 


Do you live there?

I believe I do most days.

Just ask the people that live with me.

Of course, they too, live there.  Insanity is an equal opportunity predator.  Age means nothing to it.  Race and income and status quo are not factors in who it attacks.  This is most apparent to me when getting the little darlins’ ready for school in the morning and the dreaded bed time. 

I often find myself saying, “Why is it so hard to just do what I tell you to do?”   But it is hard.  It’s hard when you’re a little boy distracted by legos you didn’t get to finish last night and Sponge Bob is on TV.  It’s hard when your brother is sticking his tongue out at you and saying some not so nice things to get a rise out of you.  It’s hard.

If it weren’t, my sink would never be full of dishes and there would be no hard water stains or soap scum in my bathrooms.  My van would be clean too.  There would also be no piles in the laundry room – or at the foot of my bed.

Yep, insanity is where I live.

Wanna come visit?

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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