Posted by: simplyelizabeth | July 8, 2010

Catching Up on Conversation

Since it’s been so long since I’ve been here, you can only imagine the conversations that have taken place in my home.  I thought I’d catch you up on two of my favorites.

Conversation #1

DS#2,  What’s that smell?

Me, It’s dinner.  We’re having tacos and that’s taco meat.

DS#2, It kinda smells like DS#1’s arm pits.

Me, What are you doing smelling his armpits?

DS#2, Sometimes he makes us smell them in the morning.

Me, DS#1!!!!!! (yelling for him throughout the house)

DS#1, Yes?

Me, Do you make your brothers smell your armpits in the morning?

DS#1, Sometimes I dare them.  (said with a Cheshire Cat grin)

Me, Well, don’t do that anymore!  That’s gross.  I keep telling you to use deodorant too.  Are we clear?

DS#1, Yep.

Continuation of Conversation #1 the next day.

So the very next morning DS#1 want to go to church with his grandma because they’re doing something special.  He has a few friends that go to that church so once in a while we let him experience a different venue.  He dropped his plans on me about 30 minutes before he would need to leave.  I called my mom and she said she’d pick him up.  (She’s a good mommy that way.) I told him he was going to have to jump in the shower and get his hair washed.  He did.  He couldn’t have been in there for more than 1 minute.  I knocked on the bathroom door.

Me, Hey, there’s no way you thoroughly washed your body and hair in that amount of time.

He opens the door and replies wide-eyed.

DS#1, Wash my body? You didn’t tell me I had to wash my body too!!

Yep.  That’s my son and our life.

Conversation #2

DS#3 is taking speech this summer so he doesn’t lose what he gained over the school year.  He goes to a wonderful woman’s house once a week for an hour.  He likes to go and he works well for her.  The only part he doesn’t like is reading.  It’s a bit difficult for him yet, so he doesn’t like the struggle.  The last time he was there, she shared the following with me.

Jesse, “OK, we’re going to read this book and you’re going to use your good “s”

DS#3, “I really don’t like to read.”

Jesse, “I know, but we need to so we can practice your “s”.”

DS#3, “But the books at my school don’t have s’s in them.”

Jesse, “Now DS#3.  There are probably very few books that don’t have an s in them.  (she pulls out a book)  Look. On this page alone there are 5 s’s.”

DS#3, “The library at my school doesn’t have books with s’s.”

Jesse won.  He read. 

Although he’s been a bit behind in school, there must be something pretty OK with him to come up with that reasoning as quickly as he did.  Right?

So I have already shared these stories verbally with most of you, but I wanted to record them here for posterity’s sake.

Thanks for listening.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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