Posted by: simplyelizabeth | July 19, 2010

3 Days Shy


I haven’t missed anything. I came to a realization 3 days late.

You know I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t procrastinate. 🙂

In 6 months, shy the three days, I will be 40. 


What would that mean to you if you were turning 40 soon?  What did that mean to you if you’re already there.

I think we all think we should be further along than we are with a career, finances, the house we’re in – if we’re in one, our relationships and whatever else we can dream up.  I know I think of these things.  I try not to dwell on them or else it would become pretty depressing.

It’s just way too easy to look at the negatives in life – Don’t Do It!

So here is where I’m at today.  I’m not going to spend nearly as much time  thinking about what I would like and don’t have.  I’m going to spend much more time thinking about what has been given to me, by grace, and be thankful for it all.  I’m going to start doing more of what I like to do.  I believe God gives all of us gifts to use for His benefit and ours too.  If we use them, He will bless us. I believe it’s really that simple.

You know, most things in life are simple and straight forward.  They become complicated when we involve our human condition that is full of faults.  If we rely on The One that made us, He can ease some of those bumps in the road.

So, I’ve really not said much of anything.  I just wanted to let you know that in six months, shy three days, I’ll be 40.

Blessings and Hugs, Elizabeth


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