Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 14, 2012

The Batman Signal

Why on earth might I be talking about the Batman Signal? 

Well, it occurred to me last night that this is what the phone is like to my children if I’m engaging in conversation.  It’s as if I turn on a beacon telling my kiddos now would be an inappropriate time to come to me with things like, “I took a shower first last night!  Why do I have to again tonight?” and “He won’t quit looking at me!” I’m going to assume it’s pretty much the same for you and yours.  It’ seems to be a universal signal and problem.

Here is what happens in my house and you can let me know if it works the same way at yours.  If I am on the phone, be it someone called me or I called them, my children seek me out with their urgent matters. 

Does this happen to you?

I could have been oblivious to them for the last two hours, but the minute I pick up the phone, there are needs of the utmost importance to be met within the next 30 seconds or else the world may end.  Truly. That’s what they tell me anyway. 

Why? Why? Why I ask in angst?

Is it penance for when we were children?

Is is because we asked for patience with our children? If so, I revoke the request.

Or is there something wired in our children, like a honing device, that is activated anytime we put the phone to our ear?

I believe the last question to be the truth in all this.

Do share views and theories on this subject.  If we can solve it, there may be a Nobel Peace Prize in it for us.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth




  1. yay, a new post!! I walk from room to room, and my children follow me!! We have the talk over and over about do not interrupt when I am on the phone, and you would think the 11 year old would be capable of remembering me saying this to him over and over, but apparently not.

  2. Glad you’re back!

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