Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 22, 2012

The Way to A Boy’s Heart is Through His Eyes?

Last week my boys and I went to pick up new glasses.  We have come to love our eye care clinic.  We really like the people in there.  The people in there seem to be fond of us. 

We found out last week that our eye care clinic would be closing, this week.  The news was met with great disappointment.  I had a real heaviness on my heart for the people who would be losing their jobs.  The boys and I talked about it with them.  We told them we would pray for their situations.  We chatted a bit more and then were on our way. 

It has become a tradition, be it good or bad, to take dinner home when we go to the eye doctor.  We went all out and drove thru Long John Silvers.  After we had ordered, I looked in the back and saw my youngest curled up in his seat.  I asked him what was wrong, twice because he didn’t answer.  The second time, my middle one answered through sobs that had suddenly burst forth, “He’s crying because we’ll NEVER see them again!”  Then the oldest one spouted off something about corporate jerks not knowing what they are doing. (It was a corporate decision to close the office.)  His hurt is displayed by anger. 

That was the beginning of the end.  They were a mess.  All three of them.  It was crazy.  I was saddened too, but I didn’t feel the deep connection my boys had.  I had no idea that through our many conversations and trips to the eye dr. we had become so close.  It was like we were losing family members.

There was tenderness to the sobs and tears.  To think that my boys had those kinds of feelings for people who started out as mere strangers is sweet.   The real kicker for me was when Laura Story’s song Blessings came on the radio.  I saw my youngest in the rear view mirror quietly mouthing the words with his head bowed and his hands clasped.  He was praying for them through song.  Even though his little heart felt broken, he was praying for them through song.  Were that our way of life everyday – the praying for others from a state of brokeness and humbleness – not the sobbing.

So, there you have it. Have a great day friends!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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