Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 27, 2012


I have a feeling after my last post I need to redeem myself a bit.  I sure hope I didn’t offend.  We have a warped sense of humor at our house. 

At least my children know their mom and dad love each other. 

I just said that to make myself feel better. 🙂

So, over the weekend I went with my daughter to a youth conference for girls. The weekend before I was blessed to be the recipient of a ticket to the Hearts at Home conference.    I have noticed a reoccurring message from the conferences and different publications I’ve been reading.

I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat wanting to know my observations. 

I keep running into the subject of authenticity.

Gasp.  I know. Earth shattering.

Really it is though.  We spend so much time trying to clean our homes as well as _______(you fill in the blanks), or exercise as much as ____________, or be crafty as __________, be as patient as _____________, study the Bible as much as___________ and it could go on forever. 

Just what do we think would happen if we acted like ourselves.  I know sometimes I feel like if people really knew what goes on inside my mind and heart, they would shun me.  It would be like a Beverly Lewis or Wanda Brunstetter story.  (Good authors if you like that sort of thing.) 🙂  Hmmmm. Would I ever be welcomed back into the fold?

Soooooo, what does the Bible say about being authentic?  Well, it never really uses this term, but it does tell us to step out in belief and boldness.  Peter did in Matthew 14:28-29.  He stepped out on the water when Jesus called.  He was being the person Jesus knew he could be.  It was only when Peter relied on himself that he started to sink. He was just fine when he was walking by faith, but the minute he started to walk by sight, he was sunk – literally.

This is where authenticity comes into our lives.  Are we more concerned with what surrounds us or what’s above?  Way more often than not I get stuck in the quagmire of my circumstances and become a slave to them. 

I’m looking forward to the Bible Study I’m starting tonight.  I know it will focus my energies on what’s most important and relieve me of burdens carried far too long. 

Well, I believe I’ve rambled long enough.  I hope you ramble with me in the comments. Sorry I’m not very exciting today.

Have a fab day sweet sisters!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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