Posted by: simplyelizabeth | October 12, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday Aaron!


I love this kid! The one in the black shirt with glasses.  He’s an awesome kid!

I love all my kids, but since it’s his birthday today, I’m going to tell you what is special about him.

This boy is Joy.  I capitalized it because he truly is J-O-Y.

His laugh is contagious.  I have often referred to it as carbonated joy because it bubbles up from his soul.  I love his laugh!  Now there have been some that say he laughs too much or have even had the audacity to say it’s annoying, but I say those people are sorely lacking some things in their lives.  And Lord help them if they approach me about it because this mama just may turn into a bear.  At that point I cannot be held responsible for my actions, so it’s just best if you politely nod your head and agree with me. Do we understand each other?  OK, great! 🙂

He is full of happiness and really good at looking on the bright side – especially when he is in a less than ideal situation.  When life hands him lemons, or when I do, he says, “It’s OK mom, really.”  He’s like the Staples EASY button.

He is clever and witty.  He’s really good at one liners.

He is comfortable in his own skin. How many of you can say you are comfortable in yours?  (I plead the 5th)

He is helpful and loves working with younger kiddos at church.

He is a comforter when he knows someone is upset.  He tries to joke to distract from what’s upsetting, but he’s good at listening too.  Well, I should qualify this.  If I’m watching a Hallmark movie and start to tear up, he’s ruthless.  To the rest of the world, he’s great.   “Mom, are you crying again?”  I always say no.  🙂

He tries to see the other side of the story.  When life is unfair, as it often can be, we discuss what would make someone act ugly.  He gets it more than not.

His smile radiates and warms people within no less than a 5 block radius.

He has not totally outgrown me emotionally.  He’s not ashamed to show me affection. He will come up behind me, put his arms around me and call me tiny mama or little woman since he’s taller than me now. (I love anyone that calls me tiny!)

He encourages those around him with words of affirmation.

Please don’t think I’m trying to tell you I have a perfect child, because I don’t.  None of us do.  However, I do feel I have been abundantly blessed by him and just want to celebrate him!

Happy Birthday Aaron! I love you more!

Blessings & Hugs,






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