Posted by: simplyelizabeth | November 11, 2015

It Could Have Been Yesterday Morning

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who served and are currently serving!  I have a long, proud line of service men in my family that served in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War & Vietnam.  They are from the Marines, Army and Navy.

My dad was a Navy man.  Enlisting in the Navy enabled him to go to college.  It helped him become the man he was.  And that was a very, very good man.  Today has meaning to me because of that and because it will forever be linked with the anniversary of his death.

It really feels like it could have been yesterday morning that I spoke with him about a special gift he was having made for Katie. He was so excited about it.  I loved listening to him talk about it knowing the thought that went into it.  We chatted about what he was going to do that day and I told him about mine.  Before we hung up we said I love you to each other and we’d talk more later.

That was it.  It was normal, but it would turn out to be not so normal.

Later that evening I would get another phone call telling me that he was really sick and I needed to meet Mama at the hospital.

I went knowing this would not be a good trip.  The first  faces I saw confirmed my feelings.  You were gone and that was it.

That was nineteen years ago and I remember every detail of that day and night like it happened yesterday.

I don’t want to be a downer today.  I truly feel blessed by the time I had with my dad.

I was truly blessed.

And I’m thankful.

He shared so much love.  My heavenly father gave me an earthly father to teach me what unconditional love truly looks like.

Daddy left me with so many great memories.  He was a talker and a thinker.  We had some of the best conversations about life.

He liked to have fun and taught me that people are more important than things.

He like to champion people and encourage them.  His presence was not bigger than life, but he made you feel like there was nothing more important to him than what you had to say at that moment.  That made him hugely influential.  He was a cheerleader.  He was certainly my biggest cheerleader in life.

You would think after nineteen years the sting would be gone.  It is not.  There are many more good days than bad, but I still miss him terribly.  I miss his smile and just talking to him.  I miss his hugs.  He had really good, wrap his arms around you tight, I mean it, hugs.  I miss sharing things with him.  I miss his perspective on life, although I carry it with me in my heart.  I just miss his physical presence.

I am sorry that he missed seeing Katie grow up and that he never knew the boys.  He would have been so proud of them all.  He would have adored that Katie is “standing on her own two feet”, as he would have said, and becoming a 3D art major.  She is certainly not “following the crowd”.  He would have loved that Adam has artistic talent and he would have yelled louder than I do to see him run cross country and track.  He would have loved Aaron’s laugh and sense of humor as well as watching him play basketball.  He would have been so proud of Seth joining Boy Scouts and been right in the middle of helping him achieve badges.  He would have loved it all.  I am sorry that my kiddos missed out on him in their lives.

As I said before, I’m blessed and thankful.  What I’m most thankful for is that I know I will someday see him again.  I believe it with all my heart.  Right after I move on from this earth someday and see Jesus, I’m going to see my Daddy again.  I’m fairly certain I’ll see Jesus first. 😉

The greatest gift he gave me was sharing his faith.  He was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  I could tell you some stories and I may someday.  But God is not looking for perfection.  He’s looking at our heart.  My dad knew that and shared it.

Today I try not to dwell on the fact that he is gone, but on the fact that he was here and the good things that were here because of him.

So go thank a vet, give thanks for a vet that’s gone on and go hug your parents. 🙂

Hugs & Blessings,




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