Posted by: simplyelizabeth | January 11, 2016

What Is Right

So there I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when I was struck with the truth.  It’s truth I’ve known before, but it was a fresh perspective.  I know it sounds corny, but it hit me and I’m still mulling it around in my mind.  Divine words of wisdom from the wizard Dumbledore.

Poo poo me if you like, but I firmly believe that while all divine inspiration comes from God, God can divinely inspire or speak to us through means other than the Bible.  God drew my attention to the words that Professor Dumbledore spoke to Harry at the end of the movie.  He said, “Harry, dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is right and what is easy.”

In a nut shell, I thought, “Wow.”  Choose between what is right, and what is easy.  So simple, yet so profound.

Choose between what is right and what is easy.  We usually talk about right and wrong, but I think Dumbledore hit the mark when he said right and easy.

Yes, our Lord tells us his yoke is easy, but what is not easy is letting go of our burdens.  This world we live in tells us to pull ourselves up by our boot straps and be self-sufficient.  This world tells us that is admirable and makes us successful.  Letting go is hard. Right is rarely easy. Can I get an Amen?

Right is rising up in prayer for someone who has wounded you and your family.  Right is hard.

Easy is holding a what you consider to be a justified grudge against the offender.

Right is standing alone for your convictions in this world where values are misplaced. Right is sometimes lonely.

Easy is joining the crowd so you can feel like you belong.

Right is doing your laundry instead of watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the 3rd time.  Right is, sometimes no fun at all, but saves you headache and hassle down the road.

Easy is sitting in bed watching a movie, drinking Pepsi and eating Taquitos because laundry sounds like no fun and lots of work.  What do you mean you need clean underwear and socks?

I think you get it.  I just wanted to share my perspective.  Thank you for your support. 🙂

Oh!  And we’ll discuss the dark times lying ahead of us another time.

OK, I’m done now.

Go choose right, not easy.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth





  1. Love it, as usual!

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