Posted by: simplyelizabeth | March 15, 2016

Today I Am Not Enough

I saw this as a post on Facebook from a sweet mama friend.  I asked if she would let me share and she agreed.  (Thank you. :))She stated the following: I am mostly grateful for what I have and I like to think I never expect more than I need.  Today I am not enough.  I need to be more so I can finish laundry, grocery shop, prepare meals, help with homework, referee fights, explain why a fit doesn’t change the answer to yes, try to organize the mess a house becomes and still show them I love them.  Lord please help me teach them to be a part of the solution or make me more. Amen.

Amen indeed.

I believe it’s the same cry for many of us – be it mother, father, husband, wife, daughter or son.

Today I am not enough.

Oh boy does this resonate deep within me to the core of my soul.

Today I am not enough.

Today I am not enough for my child that needs more attention than I have available.  Today I am not enough for another child that needs to know perfection is nothing we can accomplish on this Earth and that’s OK.  Today I am not enough for yet another one to help with school work and repeated assurance that they are smart enough, good enough.  Today I am not enough for my mama who relies on me for some of her daily needs and emotional support

.  Today I am not enough for my husband……….today I am not enough.

This all sounds so depressing, I know.  However, it is at this point, when we know we are not enough, that we can actually rejoice and revel in freedom.  Yes, I said freedom.

See, the truth is we are never, ever enough.  We were not meant to be enough.  When we come to that understanding, there is freedom like no other.  I struggle with it on a daily basis my sisters.  I whine about, compare myself to others that are better than I, complain, get depressed and woe is me with the best of them.  Why am I not enough?  Why is _____________ (fill in the blank of that woman you know that has a pristine house, children and husband that adores her) able to do it and I’m not?

Why? Why? Why?  Why can I be enough?

Hang with me.

This is going to be Earth shattering.

God made us that way.  Yes he did.  He made us incomplete beings.

I’m sure some of you are saying, “Oh Elizabeth, please!  He made us in his perfect image.  Where are you going to church?  What Bible are you reading?”

Raise your hand if you said it.  Uh huh.  I thought so.

God made us in a way that only he can complete us.  On our own, we will never be enough.  We were never meant to carry the burdens we do on a daily basis.  We were meant to give them to the Lord for Him to bear.  So why don’t we?

I believe we are all afflicted with brain damage.  Truly, we are.  And knowing is the first step to recovery……right?

We are all looking to be saved from something.  We are all looking to feel complete.  We are all looking for help.  God has made a way for us in all these things through Jesus.

When you’re not enough, Jesus is.

Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. (John 14:6)  Jesus said his yoke is easy. (Matthew 11:30) Jesus said He is the bread of life and no one that comes to him shall thirst.(John 6:35)

When you’re not enough………you don’t have to be.

What a relief.

Go share the good news!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth




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