Kiddo Conversations

Everyone had something to say in our house last night.  It all revolved around what other people were doing and saying.  We’re going camping this weekend.  The boys love it.  I love it because it wears them out.  DD doesn’t think so much of it any more because, well I’m assuming it’s because she’s now a teenager and it’s not cool for girls to do that.  Even though I was home with DS#1 yesterday, my mom still picked up DD and DS#2 from school.  DS#2 was discussing it with grandma and DD chimed in, “I don’t want to go camping this weekend.  I don’t like it.  I just want to stay at the house.”  (Like that’s going to happen.)  My mom told her she’d be OK.  When DD went to her room at my mom’s house, DS#2 said, “Sissy will complain about bugs the WHOLE time grandma.”  Yep.  He knows her well.  My dear mother was kind enough to bring them home when they were done with homework.  When they walked in the house, DS#2 saw Playstation cords out and said to DS#1, “Did you play the Playstation today?”  DS#1, “Ya.”  DS#2, “Well I got gum at grandmas and I got to change the channel on the TV all by myself!”  Isn’t it amazing that at only 5 years of age male already know the importance of being in control of the TV flipper?  So any way, he showed him.  Humph! 

DS#2 had more to say last night.  I told him he needed to wash his hair.  No problem.  He was getting out of the tub and I gave him a towel and he said, “Mom, don’t make my hair spikey tomorrow.”  I told him I wouldn’t but asked why.  (I’d made his hair spikey for school picture day – it’s just too adorable!  I’ll share when we get the pics back.)  DS#2, “The girls say Oooo Oooo Oooo.  They don’t leave me alone.”  Me, “They like your hair that way?”  DS#2, “Yes they do.  I do not want them to.”  Watch out parents of little girls, I seem to have a babe magnet on my hands.   In case you’ve forgotten what he looks like, without spike hair, here he is.  I can hear you say Ahhhh ready. 🙂  

Then there was DS#3 last night.  What a boy!  He is not happy when life does not go his way.  He wanted his daddy and his daddy was out getting the camper ready, bikes packed, etc for our little camping excursion.  I told him Daddy would be in to give him hugs and kisses in a bit.  A fit ensued.  I decided to try a different tactic since the beatings don’t work.  (Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone that.  We’ll be having people come to our house to check out the claim.  It will just be our secret. OK?)  I told him I thought he was a special little boy.  I told him all that I thought was special and unique to him.  He beamed.  I told him that when he acted the way he had been acting, other people couldn’t see how special he truly is.  I told him God wants him to do what Mommy and Daddy tell him to do.  I told him I knew he could because he’s special.  He wanted to know, since he’s special, if he could have a special breakfast in the morning.  I said, “Sure, not get to bed.”  He did.  This morning DH fixed smokey links and cinnamon & sugar toast.  Yes, smokey links, or little hot dogs as they’re referred to in our house, are special.  They are not an every day event.  I mean the little monstersdarlins’ can go through a package in one sitting.  Now this includes some for DD and DH, but then there are none for me!  I won’t complain though.  Anyway, after DS#3 had his and was dressed, he came to his daddy in our bedroom.  I was in our bathroom.  The following conversation took place.  DS#3, “Daddy, will you fix me my special breakfast?” DH, “I already fixed you breakfast.  It was smokey links.  That’s special.”  DS#3, “Mommy told me I could have a special breakfast today because I’m special.”  Ooops!  I may be in trouble now.  DH, “That’s between you and your mom.”  (That’s right honey.  pass the buck – even if I did create the situation.) DS#3, “I want a special breakfast.  Just fix it for me because DS#1 & DS#2 aren’t special.  Just me.”  I don’t know what the conclusion was to the situation because I shut the bathroom door.  Ignorance is bliss my friends.  Besides, I didn’t want to take away this teachable moment between a son and his father.  That was special of me, wasn’t it? Here’s a shot of DS#3.  You can see the impishness that exude from his pores.

I hope you all have a good weekend!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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