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Made To Crave

Hopefully this will bring us together more than once a week. ūüôā If you’re here and not doing the Made to Crave study, I bet you can still find some fun and learning with us.

I have a confession.¬† Last night, before leading the discussion for our Bible study, I ate chocolate out of frustration.¬† Home had irritated me.¬† If I’d been wise, I would have gone to Proverbs and asked for wisdom on how to handle the situation that was in front of me.¬† Instead I left home to go “study” before the study.¬† In doing so, I¬†had¬†skipped dinner.¬† I wasn’t really hungry anyway.¬† Even though my tummy was telling me I did not need to eat, my mind told me I¬†had a Dove chocolate bar in my purse.¬† What does hungry have to do with¬†available chocolate?¬†¬†Not at all what the study was about the week before or this week either.

Thank goodness, as I’d shared Aaron said last night, God still loves me.¬†

So there you go.¬† I flew against the teachings and then preached what I didn’t practice.¬†

Because of my missteps, I¬†felt inclined to¬†look up Proverbs 9 today.¬† I’m reading them chapter by chapter and this was the next one.¬† I would like to share what God placed before me today.

Proverbs 9: 13-18 

13 Folly is an unruly woman;
   she is simple and knows nothing.
14 She sits at the door of her house,
   on a seat at the highest point of the city,
15 calling out to those who pass by,
   who go straight on their way, 
¬†16 ‚ÄúLet all who are simple come to my house!‚ÄĚ
To those who have no sense she says,
 17 “Stolen water is sweet;
¬†¬†¬†food eaten in secret is delicious!‚ÄĚ
18 But little do they know that the dead are there,
   that her guests are deep in the realm of the dead.

Food eaten in secret is delicious.  Let all who are simple come to her house. 

It was in secret and it was delicious, but I dare say a sense of deadness followed me home.  I did not try to resolve my issue.  I ignored it.  And ate some pita chips and humus.  She invited me in and I went willingly Рalmost gleefully.

Please don’t fire me but forgive me.

So my prayer today is to truly let the Holy Spirit intercede¬†and remind me where it is I need to go for comfort and strength.¬† (That would not be the Dove bar, pita chips or hummus.)¬† I will be doing my lesson tonight to help it all sink into my “simple” mind.¬† I believe the Lord may call it brain damage. ūüôā

Let’s share what we’re dealing with – shall we?

The good thing is that I have dinner planned and will be starting on it when I go home at lunch. 

We gotta start somewhere sister and this is the place for me.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth

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I have a feeling after my last post I need to redeem myself a bit.¬† I sure hope I didn’t offend.¬† We have a warped sense of humor at our house.¬†

At least my children know their mom and dad love each other. 

I just said that to make myself feel better. ūüôā

So, over the weekend I went with my daughter to a youth conference for girls. The weekend before I was¬†blessed to be the¬†recipient of¬†a ticket to the Hearts at Home conference.¬†¬†¬† I have noticed a reoccurring message from the conferences and different publications I’ve been reading.

I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat wanting to know my observations.¬†

I keep running into the subject of authenticity.

Gasp.  I know. Earth shattering.

Really it is though.  We spend so much time trying to clean our homes as well as _______(you fill in the blanks), or exercise as much as ____________, or be crafty as __________, be as patient as _____________, study the Bible as much as___________ and it could go on forever. 

Just what do we think would happen if we acted like ourselves.¬† I know sometimes I feel like if people really knew what goes on inside my mind and heart, they would shun me.¬† It would be like a Beverly Lewis or Wanda Brunstetter story.¬† (Good authors if you like that sort of thing.) ūüôā¬† Hmmmm. Would I ever be welcomed back into the fold?

Soooooo, what does the Bible say about being authentic?  Well, it never really uses this term, but it does tell us to step out in belief and boldness.  Peter did in Matthew 14:28-29.  He stepped out on the water when Jesus called.  He was being the person Jesus knew he could be.  It was only when Peter relied on himself that he started to sink. He was just fine when he was walking by faith, but the minute he started to walk by sight, he was sunk Рliterally.

This is where authenticity comes into our lives.¬† Are we more concerned with what surrounds us or what’s above?¬† Way more often than not I get stuck in the quagmire of my circumstances and become a slave to them.¬†

I’m looking forward to the Bible Study I’m starting tonight.¬† I know it will focus my energies on what’s most important and relieve me of burdens carried far too long.¬†

Well, I believe I’ve rambled long enough.¬† I hope you ramble with me in the comments. Sorry I’m not very exciting today.

Have a fab day sweet sisters!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth

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I Probably Shouldn’t Repeat This, But . . . .

I think this is just too darn funny not to share.  A little embarrassing, but mostly funny.

Last night we had parent/teacher conferences.¬† If I were an “on top of it” mom, dinner would have been in the crock pot, but I’m not.¬† So we drove through McDonald’s.¬† My Hubby teaches, so he was in his classroom waiting for parents to come – but they didn’t.¬† Anyway, I say that to let you know no one¬†was home.¬† I called him on the way to McD’s and found out he had fended for himself.¬† I told him I loved him and would see him in a bit.

The children must have been delirious¬†from lack of nourishment because they started saying things like, “Moooom¬†luuuuuvs¬†Daaaad. Ooooooo.” They reversed it and whatever else you can do with it and were quite pleased with themselves.¬† They were all laughing pretty hard.

Then it happened.  DS#2 took it to the next level.  Fugettabout it!  He skipped the next 9 levels and went straight for level 10. 

DS#2, “Mom has a tatoo on her butt (yes he said it – no I don’t) that says I Love My Husband.¬† He’s Hot As a Chili Pepper!”

Yes he said it.  I promise I am not making this up.

Then, not to be outdone by his younger brother, DS#1 said, “That’s on one side and on the other side is the picture of a Chili Pepper, an equals sign and then¬†a picture of dad!¬†

Hysterics broke out.

I’m probably lucky I didn’t have 4 accidents in the van to clean.¬† I will admit, I found it funny too.¬† Have I let the boys influence me more than I influence them?¬† If so, I fear what is to come.¬† Will I soon be making jokes about other people’s back sides?¬† Will I have the urge to make bodily noises happen on command?¬†

I think I need to be lifted up a bit in prayer.  Please remember me. 

I don’t want to get to the point of needing an intervention, so I beg of you, HELP!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth

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The Way to A Boy’s Heart is Through His Eyes?

Last week my boys and I went to pick up new glasses.  We have come to love our eye care clinic.  We really like the people in there.  The people in there seem to be fond of us. 

We found out last week that our eye care clinic would be closing, this week.  The news was met with great disappointment.  I had a real heaviness on my heart for the people who would be losing their jobs.  The boys and I talked about it with them.  We told them we would pray for their situations.  We chatted a bit more and then were on our way. 

It has become a tradition, be it good or bad, to take dinner home when we go to the eye doctor.¬† We went all out and drove thru Long John Silvers.¬† After we had ordered, I looked in the back and saw my youngest curled up in his seat.¬† I asked him what was wrong, twice because he didn’t answer.¬† The second time, my middle one answered through sobs that had suddenly burst forth, “He’s crying because we’ll NEVER see them again!”¬† Then the oldest one spouted off something about corporate jerks not knowing what they are doing. (It was a corporate decision to close the office.)¬† His hurt is displayed by anger.¬†

That was the beginning of the end.¬† They were a mess.¬† All three of them. ¬†It was crazy.¬† I was saddened too, but I didn’t feel the deep connection my boys had.¬† I had no idea that through our many conversations and trips to the eye dr. we had become so close.¬† It was like we were losing family members.

There was tenderness to¬†the sobs and tears.¬† To think that my boys had those kinds of feelings for people who¬†started out as mere strangers is sweet.¬† ¬†The real kicker for me was when Laura Story’s song Blessings came on the radio.¬† I saw my youngest in the rear view mirror quietly mouthing the words with his head bowed and his hands clasped.¬† He was praying for them through song.¬† Even though his little heart felt¬†broken, he was praying for them through song.¬† Were that our way of life everyday – the praying for others from a state of brokeness and humbleness – not the sobbing.

So, there you have it. Have a great day friends!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth

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The Batman Signal

Why on earth might I be talking about the Batman Signal? 

Well, it occurred to me last night that this is what the phone is like to my children if I’m engaging in conversation.¬† It’s as if I turn on a beacon telling my kiddos now would be an inappropriate time to come to me with things like, “I took a shower first last night!¬† Why do I have to again tonight?” and “He won’t quit looking at me!” I’m going to assume it’s pretty much the same for you and yours.¬† It’ seems to be¬†a universal signal and problem.

Here is what happens in my house and you can let me know if it works the same way at yours.  If I am on the phone, be it someone called me or I called them, my children seek me out with their urgent matters. 

Does this happen to you?

I could have been oblivious to them for the last two hours, but the minute I pick up the phone, there are needs of the utmost importance to be met within the next 30 seconds or else the world may end.¬† Truly. That’s what they tell me anyway.¬†

Why? Why? Why I ask in angst?

Is it penance for when we were children?

Is is because we asked for patience with our children? If so, I revoke the request.

Or is there something wired in our children, like a honing device, that is activated anytime we put the phone to our ear?

I believe the last question to be the truth in all this.

Do share views and theories on this subject.  If we can solve it, there may be a Nobel Peace Prize in it for us.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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The Pilgrimage

This past Friday women from our church went on our yearly trip to Ladies Unity Night in Terre Haute.¬† It’s an important¬†tradition. Then we went to Outback Steakhouse – it’s an equally important tradition.

We heard Sheila Walsh.¬† I know that she has been a speaker for quite sometime. I’m familiar enough with her that I knew she would be good.¬† She was better than that.¬† Her message was her story.¬† It was¬†the story of a woman who seemed to have it all together for Jesus on the outside, but was falling apart on the inside.¬† It was a story that was all hers, yet all ours too.¬† How many of us walk around acting as if we are OK, better than OK, but are mortally wounded on the inside?¬† Putting up a facade may fool a lot of people but it doesn’t fool our Heavenly Father one bit.¬†

She shared her story with humor so we could all relate.¬† I love humor.¬† It’s much better to laugh than cry – and better for you too!¬† I’m sure there were many women that related to what she was saying.¬† I know I did.¬†

I could really feel God speaking to me Friday.¬† The week had been crazy for me.¬†(As if that is an¬†unusual feeling. Ha!) ¬†My hubby left Wednesday to go to training and would return just in time for me to go out with the girls Friday.¬† This happens twice a year.¬† I normally don’t sweat it.¬† I really kind of look at it as a break.¬† I love my hubby with all my heart, but it’s nice to just go with the flow once in a while¬†and not have to worry about anyone else.¬† You know what I mean?¬† You just pack the kids up and do your thing.¬† It seemed as if this was going to be like the previous times he went to training.¬† Then AWANA¬† happened.¬† AWANA is our normal Wednesday night routine.¬† This night, routine would be broken.¬† A very sweet woman, whom I really do like, brought 4 puppies to show and the kids went wild. She shared that the puppies were free to anyone that may want them.¬†My two older boys were in this group and I knew it was a recipe for disaster.¬† The kids and I want a dog and my hubby doesn’t.¬† This is a point he is not willing to bend on the boys know it.¬† There were tears welling up in all our eyes. I know my boys hearts desire a dog so badly and while your husband is gone is not the time to bring a dog home.¬† We got through AWANA, but then when we got home, they let it all hang out.¬† To say it was ugly is an understatement.¬† The oldest has a very passionate personality and decided he wished his dad were in training on Mars – it would be more difficult for him to get back, thus we could get a dog.¬† There were tears, gnashing of teeth, tantrums and I believe I heard some cries of anguish.¬† Finally, after an hour of emotional upheaval and discussing why life wasn’t fair, there was sleep.¬†

The next morning I overslept.¬† Usually my hubby gets the boys up and gets their breakfast, but as previously stated, he was not there to do so.¬† Even if I’d gotten up on time, it would have been a rushed morning.¬† I got the little darlins¬†up and would you believe that their feelings were as fresh first thing in the morning as they had been the night before?¬† Well, they were.¬† I had two that decided they were going to boycott¬†breakfast if they couldn’t have a dog.¬† One of them caved and fixed PopTarts.¬† The other, I will assume, was extremely hungry come lunch time.¬† Things seemed to have calmed down when I picked them up Thursday night.¬† Thank Goodness!¬†

Thursday night was busy too.¬† I took my middle son to get his eyes checked.¬† There seems to be an epidemic in the 3rd grade of kids needing glasses.¬† Sure enough, he needed a slight correction for distance.¬† Later that evening he said, “Aren’t you glad you took me to get my eye checked?” I said yes.¬† I asked why he was so excited about glasses and this was his reply.¬† “Well, I kind of felt lonely because I’m the only one in the family without glasses.¬† Glasses are kind of like a family tradition.”¬†

Really?¬† Our claim to fame for family traditions is going to be that we all have glasses?¬† Possibly I should rethink our holidays and birthdays and what we do for other special occasions.¬† On second thought, we do have Pizza Fridays.¬† Surely that will redeem our family traditions. Yes?¬† No?¬† I’ll take it under advisement.

Then we get to Friday – The Pilgrimage – Ladies Unity Night.¬† And Outback!¬† I ran in and out with my boys to give them to the hubby and told him I was happy he was back.¬† I ran to church and climbed in a van with my church sisters and we were off.¬† On the way there I shared my sad story about the boys and dog.¬† Once we got there I was telling one of my friends about how my mom thinks I say yes to too many things and I knew what she meant because I have a “yes” coming up that I forgot about.¬† When I agreed, it was 2 months out and I thought, “What could possibly come up between now and then?” Ha!¬† We were all having girl talk.

Then¬†came Sheila.¬† As I said before, God spoke to me.¬† I know I can be one who hides behind a smile.¬† Who can’t?¬† And sometimes you do just have to suck it up.¬† But then God spoke to me more directly – Sheila getting a puppy as a girl was an important part of her story.¬† Aw, c’mon!¬† I feel as if it’s out of my hands Lord.¬† And then she touched on how we sometimes say yes to things we then wish we’d said no to.¬† You’re killing me God.¬† She also talked about different things we hide behind.¬† She said for some it may be drugs, for some it’s keeping up appearances and for some food.¬† I immediately thought about what I was going to have at Outback and how it was going to make me feel.¬† Yum!¬† Then I thought, dang it!¬† God is really hounding me tonight.¬† I took it under advisement and had a petite filet.¬† I have said before, in jest, that food is my Golden Calf.¬† Well, maybe I should take it more seriously.¬†

It really was a great night and I could certainly feel the Spirit in that place.  The journey was rocky, but so worth it.  Thank you God for respite with friends, sweet sisters in Christ.

See you soon friends!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth


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So I’m Working Into It Slowly

You know, even though I came back last week, I didn’t want to overwhelm you with posting consistently.¬† I like to keep you on your toes you know.¬† I want to keep you guessing so there will always be some mystery and intrigue to our relationship.¬† Predictable is boring.


Not really.  I just said that so it would make me feel better.

I have been contemplating the complexity of life lately.  I have many questions, but no answers.  Maybe you can help me.

Why is there no end to the laundry – ever?

Why do my boys think the funniest things that happen in life are all related to bodily functions?

Why does my girl want to use all my make up and all my money?

Why am I drawn to Lifetime and Halmark movies?

Why does DS#2 wait with excited expectation to see if I will cry when watching one of these movies?

Why do Halmark commercials make me cry?

Why do my knees still buckle when my hubby looks at me a certain way?

Why am I 40 and feel like I still need my mommy – especially if I’m sick?

Will my kids still want me when they’re 40?

Will I want them to want me?

And last but certainly not least – Why can’t I eat what I want when I want and still lose weight?

Anyone?  Anyone? 

Well, let me know when you have the answers. 

I’d really like to know.


Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth

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Hello Long Lost Friend

My, my, my.¬† I have been away for a very long time.¬† I feel like the prodigal blogger.¬† I broke the cardinal rule of consistency.¬† Please forgive me.¬† I’ve been disobedient, but now I’ve returned home.¬†¬†Will there be a party?¬† I sure hope so!

So, how have you all been?¬† I truly have missed you.¬† I just didn’t know how much until I started talking to you again just now.

I have been down in the trenches my friends.¬† I have been battling with my spirit.¬† I’m afraid it has smelled of soured mild than like a sweet aroma.¬†

Can you relate?

I have allowed my circumstances to cripple me emotionally. 

For shame on me. 

Why is it so easy for some of us to get caught up on our mind?  Hmmmm.

Let me know when you find the answer. 

So, I guess I am just babbling a bit today.¬† I’m getting my feet wet.¬† I will be jumping in tomorrow.¬† Summer is here and it’s time to go for a swim!

I believe what I’m doing now is called stream of consciousness writing.¬†

Or, maybe I’ve simply lost my mind.¬† That’s not too far fetched when you’re a mama to a teenage girl and three boys.¬† Oh! And I’m married too. LOL

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about my wonderful 40th birthday.¬†

Geesh!¬† 40 sounds like I’m supposed to be responsible and have it together.

I don’t.¬†

Then again, who does?

Have a wonderful day!

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth

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I Will Always Be In Awe

It’s been about a month since I last posted.¬† Summer officially ended for the boys yesterday with the first day of school.¬† Summer will officially end for my girl next Monday.¬† I’m looking forward to some sort of routine.¬†

There will still be much chaos, but there will be purpose in getting ready the night before to get ready in the morning.  I know what I meant by that sentence Рdid you?

Thought I would share a conversation and an incident.  First the conversation.

Last Sunday I took the boys swimming.  DS#1 took a friend with him.  Much fun was had by all.  On the way home, DS#1 lifted his arms up to stretch and put them behind his head.

DS#3, “I see your armpit hair.”

Me, “He doesn’t have armpit hair.”

Many giggles

The Friend, “I do!”¬† in an excited tone.

I believe I looked on in horror because these boys are just going into the fourth grade.

DS#3, “Can I see your armpit hair?” said in awe.

Me, “I believe is not at all appropriate to ask to see someone’s armpit hair.”

The entire van erupted into hysterics.

Lord, will you please excuse me from conversations regarding hair anywhere other than heads where my boys friends are concerned.  Thank you. Amen.

Now, to the incident.¬† I went to iron my shirt this morning and saw something that was not water in the reservoir.¬† I smelled it, because that’s what mom’s do. Thank goodness it wasn’t an unpleasant odor.

I asked the likely suspects what this was in my iron.  Do you believe nobody knew? 

Amazing!¬† I know I didn’t put something in there that doesn’t belong and I know my husband doesn’t even use the thing – unless he’s feeling desperate.¬† That leaves three other possible culprits in the house and they know nothing.

I ignored it, rinsed it out and plugged it in.¬† All of the sudden it hit me.¬† This smells like our spray on sun screen.¬† It’s a pleasant smell, but not at all meant to be in iron water reservoirs.¬†

Another thought quickly hits.  DS#3 really likes the smell of the spray on sun screen.  He tried to deodorize his room with it a couple of weeks ago. 

I turn to the kitchen table where my three little darlin’s are eating breakfast and say, “DS#3, did you put the spray sun screen in the iron?”

No, do not read an understanding, sweet tone into this.

He had a blanket around his shoulders.¬† He quickly pulled the blanket over his head and said, “I don’t want to get in trouble.”¬† (sob, sob)

I said, “Too bad!¬† You should have thought about that before you did it.¬† I’ll have to tell you what the punishment is later.”

I still don’t know what the punishment is, but I feel there should be some sort of consequence.¬† The steam button won’t work.¬† I love my steam button.¬† I don’t think I can live with an iron without a steam button.

Any suggestions?

Twenty lashes with a wet noodle? No dinner for a week? Hang him from the ceiling fan by his toe nails?

I just don’t know.

Maybe I should just move away or at the very least give myself a vacation. 

Weigh in on this weighty subject.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth

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My World – The Sequel

The boys are going to a Vacation Bible School at a church other than ours.¬† They love it because they get to see friends they haven’t seen much this summer.¬†

The theme of this VBS has to do with pirates.¬† What little boy, or big boy, doesn’t like pirates?¬†

They open and close with fun songs about God.¬† There are some funny songs that deal with pirates.¬† From what I’ve heard, there is a part where a pirate picks his nose.¬†

An overgrown boy most certainly must have come up with this theme.

The song leader improvised the other night and told the kiddos to pick their neighbor’s nose.¬† He quickly followed it up with, “Just kidding.¬† Don’t really.”

Yes. It was too late.

DS#3 stuck his finger up the nose of DS#2.

No, I’m not kidding.

It scratched the inside of DS#2’s nose and there was a little blood.¬†

It was a big story at home. 

I stand in awe and amazement of what our God has created.¬† I’ve seen the ocean, the Cascade Mountain range, raging rivers, waterfalls and rainbows.¬† I have been rendered speechless at new life coming into the world and how God is able to create all these things and more.

Stop giggling – I can be speechless – for a little bit anyway. Hmmm!

Anyway, I don’t think any of us have to look too far before we can visibly see His work around us.¬†

His work is visible in my boys too.  I just have to squint to see it sometimes.

Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth

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